My Bike:

I bought my 1988 model GSX-R 750 in the fall of 2003.
I was determined to get a GSX-R and after searching a
bit I found a near mint 1988 model for sale. A meeting with
the owner was arranged and about ten minutes after first
seeing the bike the deal was done. The bike had 60.315 km
(37.478 miles) on the meter when I bought it, which is quite
a lot but it still runs perfectly and I haven't had any problems
with it, so I think that with the right amount of TLC it will run
without problems for another 60.000 kilometers.

The '88 model is, as the first GSX-R 750 from 1985, oil and
air cooled, the biggest difference between the first and second generation GSX-R 750, apart from the design, is that the 88 and 89 models had a shorter stroke and the "slingshot" carburetors.
(read more about the technical aspects of the bike in the "tech" section of the web site).

During the time I have owned the bike it has been like having a
new bike in the garage, as I mentioned above I have not had any problems with it. Since I bought it I have only carried out routine maintenance on the bike.

My bike is pretty much in its original state.
The previous owners changed the original 4 - 2 system for a 4 - 1 exhaust system which saves a substantial amount of weight

The bike is also equipped with stainless steel braided brake hoses.
The only "modification" I have carried out myself is the single seat unit, I bought it on ebay.

I will add stuff to the site as often as possible,
so check back soon.

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